This is the story of KBA Design and how we came to be.

I was raised by my grandmother. She shaped me into the man I am today. She taught me the importance of family, and of showing respect and paying homage to our loved ones.

Her passing in 2016 was one of the most devastating experiences of my life.  The experience of working with contractors to build the perfect memorial for Nani that would commemorate who she was, and what she meant to my family, left me wanting more.

When someone you love passes, you need the process to be as simple, clear and as transparent as possible. You want to deal with someone who understands your grief, and who is emotionally invested in ensuring that your vision comes to fruition. As the owner of a 3D printing, product design, and training company (find out more about that here), I believed that I could do better.

In October 2016, I founded KBA Design, so named for my Nani. Shortly after, I bought over the business of Leng Hua Sandblasting (Stone and Marble), a supplier of marble, granite and various sandblasting services to contractors at the Singapore Muslim Cemetery. However, I began to find myself spending most of my time providing services to the contractors, and not to the families as originally intended. And so, I decided to take a different approach - one that enables me to deal directly with the families of those who have passed on.

I believe that KBA Design was left to me as a gift from my late grandmother. Even after her death, she is continually sending me love and showing me the way to do better for the world. I hope for KBA design to be part of her legacy and for this business to provide everyone with a better way to pay their respects.

I want the designs to be beautiful, the blessings to be bountiful, and for the love and mutual respect to be shared among everyone.

You are likely here because someone close to you has passed on, please accept my condolences. I wish you all the strength to get past the grief, and I hope I can be of help, in any way possible. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call me at 86887187 if you need anything at all.

Founder, KBA Design Pte Ltd.